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      3. 已出版

        Alexander Girard Designs for Herman Miller
        Leslie Pi?a

        An Eames Primer
        Eames Demetrios

        Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders & Organizations
        Tracy Brower

        Building a New Europe: Portraits of Modern Architects
        George Nelson

        Buildings and Beliefs
        Jeff Cruikshank and Clark Malcolm

        Business as Unusual:
        The People and Principles at Herman Miller

        Hugh De Pree

        By Design
        Ralph Caplan

        Changing Forever: The Well-Kept Secret of America's Leading Companies
        Carl Frost

        Charles and Ray Eames: Designers of the Twentieth Century

        Pat Kirkham

        Classic Herman Miller
        Leslie Pi?a

        Corporate Agility:
        A Revolutionary New Model for Competing in a Flat World

        Charles Grantham, James Ware, Cory Williamson

        Eames Design:
        The Work of the Office of Charles and Ray Eames

        John Neuhart, Marilyn Neuhart, Ray Eames

        George Nelson
        Vitra Design Museum

        George Nelson: The Design of Modern Design
        Stanley Abercrombie, foreword by Ettore Sottsass, Jr.

        Gilbert Rohde: Modern Design for Modern Living
        Phyllis Ross

        Herman Miller 1939 Catalog:
        Gilbert Rohde Modern Design with Value Guide

        Leslie Pi?a

        Herman Miller Interior Views
        Leslie Pi?a

        Herman Miller: The Purpose of Design
        John Berry

        Leaders & Followers: Lessons From 45 Years at Herman Miller, Inc.
        Richard Ruch

        Leadership Jazz
        Max De Pree

        Leadership is an Art
        Max De Pree

        Merchants of Virtue: Herman Miller and the Making of a Sustainable Company
        Bill Birchard

        The Herman Miller Collection 1952:
        Furniture designed by George Nelson and Charles Eames,
        with occasional pieces by Isamu Noguchi

        Peter Hvidt, and O.M. Nielsen, with a new introduction by Ralph Caplan

        The Herman Miller Collection:
        The 1955-56 Catalog

        Leslie Pi?a

        The Ice Palace that Melted Away:
        Restoring Civility and Other Lost Virtues to Everyday Life

        William Stumpf

        The Scanlon Plan for Organization Development: Identity, Participation, and Equity
        Carl Frost, John Wakely, and Robert Ruh

        The Seven Steps to Nirvana: Strategic Insights into eBusiness Transformation
        Mohan Sawhney & Jeff Zabin

        The Work of Charles and Ray Eames
        Donald Albrecht
        (Editor, Beatriz Colomina, Joseph Giovannini, Charles Eames, Ray Eames)



        How to See: A Guide to Reading Our Man Made Environment
        George Nelson

        Problems of Design
        George Nelson

        The Design of Herman Miller
        Ralph Caplan

        The Negotiable Environment: People, White-Collar, and the Office
        Cecil L. Williams